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10th Anniversary Celebration (2003-2013) at Harvard Hall of the Harvard Club 

A highlight of our 10th Anniversary Gala Celebration evening was an exhibit of the beautiful, Audubon-inspired "Rare Birds of China" collection. These were commissioned by Sir James D. Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank in recognition of China’s important role in protecting endangered species and in promoting art and culture in China and around the world.  Ambassador Sun Guoxiang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, and other distinguished guests also provided congratulatory remarks along with messages from New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and our Chinese Cultural Foundation Honorary Chairman, Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg.


Sir James D. Wolfensohn Remarks & CCF Retrospective 

Congratulatory Letters

Ambassador Sun Guoxiang Remarks
CCF Trustee John W. Allen Remarks
CCF President Elizabeth B. Wang Remarks 
Photo Album 

This even is made possible by China News Media.  

Photos are provided by Gloria Starr Kins of Society and Dipolmatic Reviews. 

There was extensive media coverage, courtesy of China Central Television (CCTV) and SINOVISION.  

Media Coverage

        3月1日在纽约哈佛俱乐部举办的庆祝中华文化基金会成立十周年的活动中嘉宾云集。中国驻纽约总领事孙国祥大使和前世界银行集团主席沃尔芬森爵士(Sir James D. Wolfensohn) 先后在晚宴上致辞,纽约市长彭博(Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg) 和中华文化基金会名誉主席格林伯格 (Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg)发来贺信表彰中华文化基金会对文化艺术之都纽约市的贡献。


        庆祝晚宴由中华文化基金会理事,大中华集团主席约翰-艾伦(John W. Allen)主持。欧元之父, 诺贝尔经济学奖获奖者蒙代尔教授(Robert A. Mundell), 纽约州共和党主席爱德华-库柯 (Edward Cox), 美中关系全国委员会会长欧伦斯 (Steven A. Orlins), 亚洲协会名誉会长卜励德大使(Ambassador Nicholas Platt), 罗斯洛克有限公司董事长史蒂夫-洛克菲勒 (Steven Rockefeller, Jr.), 中国驻纽约总领馆文化参赞王燕生,中华文化基金会创始人王滨( Elizabeth B. Wang), 理事安东尼-威廉斯(Anthony Williams)和晚宴的主要赞助方大连国域无疆(V-Media)媒体集团董事长王国军以及两百位美国政界, 商界和艺术界嘉宾出席了当晚的庆祝活动。



Message from the Co-Founder and President

Dear Members and Friends of the Chinese Cultural Foundation:


We appreciate your participation in our 10th Anniversary Celebration this past year.  This combined the launching of “China Screen" in Times Square with the Exhibition of the "Rare Birds of China" at the Harvard Club of New York City.  

The entire event was an enormous success.  We were joined by many distinguished guests and received other congratulatory messages from the following:


Sir James D. Wolfensohn (Former President of the World Bank) who said: "Art, music, dance, literature -- are the elements that transcend our daily lives and make us realize that we are all part of a single global community, and that beauty has no national boundaries. I congratulate the Chinese Cultural Foundation on its 10th Anniversary for playing such a positive role in contributing to world peace, harmony and prosperity."


Ambassador Sun Guoxiang, Consul General of the Peoples Republic of China who spoke highly of the important role that the Chinese Cultural Foundation is playing in bringing the highest quality Chinese art and culture to New York City for all peoples of the world to enjoy.


Michael R. Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City) who wrote: "Chinese New Yorkers, especially, play a major role in maintaining our cultural vitality...With the exhibition of the "Rare Birds of China" and the launching "China-Screen" in Times Square, we can all recognize the work of the Chinese Cultural Foundation to further and preserve Chinese culture right here in New York."


Maurice "Hank" Greenberg (Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Cultural Foundation):  "New Yorkers have benefited from the Chinese Cultural Foundation's presence in our City.  It has given New Yorkers the opportunity to see and understand so much about Chinese art.  The interest by Americans in Chinese art has grown as the relationship between our countries has expanded and prospered."


To see a video retrospective of the Chinese Cultural Foundation that was shown during the Gala Dinner please click on the designated site above.  This highlights the Chinese Cultural Foundation's major events, including photos of important supporters such as David Rockefeller, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, Sir James D. Wolfensohn, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and many others who have been associated with us during our first ten years.


We believe "The Best Is Yet to Come" and look forward making the next 10 years for the Chinese Cultural Foundation increasingly exciting and relevant.  Our mission is to be a major contributor to world peace and prosperity by sharing the finest Chinese art and culture with our global community.  


We greatly appreciate your past support and look forward to your activate participation in helping us achieve our goals for the future.  




Elizabeth B. Wang

Co-Founder and President


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