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From left: Harry Edelson, CCF Advisor, Zheng Xinli, Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), Elizabeth B. Wang, John W. AllenAmbassador Zhang Weichao, Former Vice Minister of Office of Overseas Affairs of the State Council and Ambassador Qiu Shengyun, Former Vice President of Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs.

The Chinese Cultural Foundation ("CCF") was honored at the inauguration ceremony for the Nuwa Awards at a Gala Dinner in the China World Hotel in Beijing.   

The Nuwa Award is named after the goddess "Nuwa" the mother of humanity who saved the world from destruction.  It is one of China's most prestigious honors.

The Nuwa Award Ceremony was co-sponsored by Asia Pacific Foundation of Nuwa, Center for Political Economy of Tsinghua University and China Social Welfare and Education Foundation which held in conjunction with the First China Urban Economic Development and International Cooperation Forum.

Awards were bestowed upon a number of Chinese Cultural Foundation members including; Elizabeth B. Wang, Founder and President, Maurice R. Greenberg, Honorary Chairman, T.C. Hsu and John W. Allen, Founding Trustees of the Chinese Cultural Foundation.

Other CCF Advisors in attendance included: Ambassador Zhang Weichao, Ambassador Qiu Shengyun, Harry Edelson, Zhang Liyong, Changdong Xu, Wang Xiangdong and Xinle Ma.

Ms. Wang accepted the beautiful Nuwa Award for "Cultural Excellence" on behalf of CCF.  The honor was given in recognition of the leadership role of the Chinese Cultural Foundation to promoting and sharing the finest Chinese art and culture with the world.  More than 300 distinguished guests from Beijing international community attended the ceremony.


Congratulatory Letters from Maurice R. Greenberg

Elizabeth B. Wang, Founder and President of the Chinese Cultural Foundation presented a Letter of Congratulations from CCF's Honorary Chairman Maurice R. Greenberg at the First Nuwa Award Ceremony.

Mr. Greenberg is a corporate legend. He has cultivated relations with China's leaders, advocated opening the country's markets to greater foreign investment and encouraged China's integration into the global community. As Chairman and CEO of American International Group, he built the world largest insurance company operating in more than 130 countries.  Under his leadership, he increased the value of AIG from $130 million to over $180 billion, the 18th largest public company and financial services corporation in the world.   Founded in China by C.V. Starr in 1919 and Mr. Greenberg has always taken great pride in knowing that his successful business roots are based in China.

In his letter, Mr. Greenberg congratulated the Asia Pacific Foundation of Nuwa for its initiative in raising public awareness of health education for global harmony and social responsibility. He also congratulated the Center for Political Economy of Tsinghua University, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese Cultural Foundation for working together to make this special event possible.

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