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The Maurice R. Greenberg Global Leadership Award

Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg 莫里斯-格林伯格先生 has played a significant role in advancing a positive and successful relationship between China and the United States. As a business leader and corporate legend, he has cultivated relations with China's leaders, advocated opening the country's markets and encouraged China's integration into the global community.  He has generously supported numerous educational, cultural, medical, social, environmental and philanthropic causes in the U.S., China and around the world.

Maurice R. Greenberg created one of the greatest business enterprises of all time. With operations in over 130 countries, he brought insurance, financial services, job creation, education and opportunities to millions of people.

Over two decades, Mr. Greenberg, his wife Corinne and The Starr Foundation have contributed more than $300 million to China related programs.  At Yale University $100 million have been allocated to the Greenberg Conference Center, the Greenberg World Fellows Program and the Greenberg China Initiative.


The Maurice R. Greenberg Global Leadership Award is the centerpiece of the Chinese Cultural Foundation. It recognizes those individuals and organizations whose achievements reflect Mr. Greenberg’s ideals and global vision.


The Selection Committee will be composed of esteemed representatives from world of business, culture, education, medicine, technology, philanthropy and other areas.

Announcement of The Maurice R. Greenberg Global Leadership Award & Video Clip

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