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Award Recipients of 2015

Yue-Sai Kan, a household name in China, is an Emmy-winning television producer, entrepreneur, fashion icon, bestselling author and humanitarian.  People magazine called her “the most famous woman in China” and Time magazine proclaimed her “the Queen of the Middle Kingdom.” Throughout her life, Yue-Sai has been deeply involved in charitable work.  In 2002, UNICEF named her as its first and only Global Chinese “Say Yes for Children” Ambassador. Her many charitable activities include the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, and her own fund that builds schools, libraries and awards scholarships to outstanding underprivileged students in Chinese high schools and universities.  Starting in 2006, she has served as the International Ambassador of the Shanghai International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Asia.

Harry Edelson, CFA, CCP, CDP is Founder and Chairman of China Investment Group.  Serves as Managing Director and General Partner of Edelson Technology Partners. He propelled the first internet company in China by being the first venture capital investor in China Internet Corporation in 1994. and noted author of “Positivity: How to be Happpier, Healthier, Smarter, and More Prosperous”. Harry was named an All Star Security Analyst by Institutional Investor magazine and was among the most quoted analysts on Wall Street. 

Daxi Li, Ph.D. Chairman, Chinese Association for Science and Business, President of Columbia International College, Chairman of CASB Ventures, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Scholars Venture Park, Director of Board, Huiheng Medical and Director of Board, NANDASOFT. He is an Economic Advisor of several important Chinese provinces and cities. He is a co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Student Venture Park, which is a joint-venture with Shenzhen city government. The venture park hosts over 800 high-tech startup companies. 

The Chinese Cultural Foundation proudly announced its Annual Holiday Reception and Award Celebration at the Harvard Club in New York City on Wednesday December 17, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.


This year, we are honoring three distinguished friends of the Chinese Cultural Foundation: Yue-Sai Kan, a household name in China, is an Emmy-winning television producer, entrepreneur, fashion icon, bestselling author and humanitarian. Time magazine proclaimed her “the Queen of the Middle Kingdom.”  Harry Edelson, Chairman of the China Investment Group, legendary global venture capitalist and author of the hot-off-the-press, “Positivity: How To Be Healthier, Happier, Smarter and More Prosperous”, now being featured at Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue and Daxi Li, Founder and Chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Business (“CASB”), President of Columbia International College and co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Student Venture Park, birthplace of over 800 high-tech startup companies. 


As so elegantly expressed by our Honorary Chairman, Maurice R. Greenberg and by former President of the World Bank Sir James D. Wolfensohn at the10th Anniversary Gala of the Chinese Cultural Foundation: "In our very small world, it is culture in all forms that unites us.  Art, music, dance, literature -- are the elements that transcend our daily lives and make us realize that we are all part of a single global community, and that beauty has no national boundaries.” 


Mr. John W. Allen, Trustee of the Chinese Cultural Foundation and Ms. Elizabeth B. Wang, President of the Chinese Cultural Foundation will co-host the event and present the Awards.


Congratulatory Remarks from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chinese Ambassador Zhang Qiyue to the three Honorees and the recognition to the Chinese Cultural Foundation for its important role in helping make New York City the “Cultural Capital of the World". 


There will be a video documentary biography show of Yue-Sai Kan: “A Woman for All Seasons” and a display of high quality replicates of ancient Chinese paintings from Beijing Palace Museum.


The Harvard Club is particularly beautiful at this time of year so allow time to look at the tree and decorations in the main hall. There will be plenty of good spirits and h’orderves to help everyone celebrate a joyous season and a healthy and prosperous New Year! 

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Special thanks to Gloria Starr Kins of the Society and Diplomatic Review, Zhang Wei of China Economic Daily, Miao Yin of People’s Daily, Liming Guan of China Press, Danqi Wu of Sinovision and others for providing video, photo and press coverage of the event.

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