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The Chinese Cultural Foundation ("CCF") was invited by the World Economic Forum ("WEF") to play a major role in its China Business Summit held in Beijing, September 12-13, 2004. 

1) GALA DINNER. During the Gala Dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, the CCF exhibited the collection of 32 "Rare Birds of China", Audubon-style paintings. These beautiful but endangered species were used to bring attention to China's culture and conservation programs. 

CCF Trustee and Co-Chair of the event, 
John W. Allen, in a key-note address, encouraged China’s leadership to play a major role in environmental protection not only in China but worldwide. The event was attended by more than 300 guests from China and the World Economic Forum.


2) "Celebrating the Life and Art of Mu Xin." CCF hosted an Exhibition of 30 of Mu Xin's recent landscape paintings. Each of the 500 WEF attendees received a copy of Mu Xin’s commemorative catalogue, produced especially for the WEF Summit.

) "Nightcap – A Conversation with Mu Xin", hosted by Elizabeth B. Wang, President of CCF, with an exclusive NHK video interview . This presentation was followed by a discussion joined by Professor Chen Danqing of Qinghua University, a student of Mu Xin.

4) Special Panel Discussion: "The New Chinese Aesthetic - Art, Values and Society". This event was chaired by Dr. Aldo Fozzati, Advisor of the Chinese Cultural Foundation, who was joined by Elizabeth B. Wang and some of China's best know cultural leaders and media entrepreneurs for a lively discussion of the importance of art and culture in China’s emergence as a world power.

Elizabeth B. Wang, President of the Chinese Cultural Foundation speaks at the Special Panel Discussion: "The New Chinese Aesthetic - Art, Values and Society" at the World Economic Forum. 


Victor L.L. Chu, Advisor of the Chinese Cultural Foundation, Chairman of the First Eastern Investment Group, Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum at the Closing Plenary Session.

Acknowledgment Letter from CEO of World Economic Forum

The Chinese Cultural Foundation was invited to present and exhibit a series of art and cultural programs during the World Economic Forum China Business Summit in Beijing.


   "Your participation was essential to the success of the China Business Summit 2004. Your commitment to raising awareness of arts and cultural issues in China and the USA is remarkable and we are proud to be part of that effort."



Jose Maria Figueres

CEO of the World Economic Forum

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