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Beyond East - West Arts Exhibition at the United Nations

The Chinese Cultural Foundation and the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China co-sponsored an exhibition featuring renowned artist Zhiyuan Cong entitled: “Beyond East and West” at the United Nations.


This event was held at the United Nations in New York City with an opening reception hosted by Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yishan with more than 300 cultural, diplomatic and business leaders attended, including Ambassador Chen Jian, Under- Secretary General of the United Nations and Emmy Award WinnerYue-Sai Kan.  


         "Professor Zhiyuan Cong's artworks embody the United Nations's spirit.  As the title of this exhibition which reflects and transcends the West and East.  It represents a growing awareness of the importances of art and culture in bringing people from all nations closer together."



Zhang Yishan

Chinese Ambassador to the UN

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