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Enduring Legacy Documentary Series

The Enduring Legacy Documentary Series celebrates those extraordinary individuals who have contributed so much to the betterment of society in art, business, government and many other fields.  Through these multi-media documentaries, we are able to pass on to future generations the lessons these individuals can teach us and the inspiration they can provide through their personal examples of achievement and to encourage people to do more, to become more and to dream more.

Maurice R. Greenberg interviewed by Yue-Sai Kan 

Read People's Daily, China Economic Daily and China Daily's Report

Greenberg: Time is right for giving


"The Art of Mu Xin - Landscape of the Mind" Exhibition at the World Economic Forum

As part of our Enduring Legacy series, the Chinese Cultural Foundation co-produced a documentary film: The Art of Mu Xin commemorating the World Economic Forum - China Business Summit. 


Mr. Fujisawa (right in the center), President of the NHK General Bureau for America, the leading Japanese broadcasting corporation, conducted a exclusive interview with renowned Chinese artist Mu Xin at his residence in Queens.  The film was presented to 500 international participants of the the World Economic Forum and was shown at the Gala Dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Mu Xin was one of the most celebrated artist-intellectuals of our time. He was known for his complex writings and paintings. Clearly a formidable figure in the cultural and intellectual history of Chinese modernism, Mu Xin was admired for his unique synthesis of Chinese and Western aesthetic sensibilities.


This video was produced by NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation in conjunction with the Chinese Cultural Foundation and Elizabeth Wang Gallery Celebrating the life and art of Mu Xin and commemorating the World Economic Forum - China Business Summit, Beijing 2004.

Congratulatory Letter from NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Celebrating the Life and Art of Mu Xin 

Commemorating the World Economic Forum, Beijing 2004


Introduction by

Richard M. Barnhart

Professor Emeritus of the History of Art, Yale University 

Edited by

Elizabeth Knight 

Publisher, Orientations Magazine


Chronology and Bibliography Compiled by

Professor Toming Jiu Jun

Sponsored by


Chinese Cultural Foundation
CITIC Industrial Bank
China Anda Resorts

     104 pp., illus. (40 color illustrations, 1 black & white).
Publication of the Elizabeth Wang Gallery, New York 2004

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