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Celebrating Independence Day

A Proud Moment for the U.S.-China Cultural Foundation (CCF)


On July 4, 2024, the U.S.-China Cultural Foundation proudly joined the Lower Manhattan Historical Association and its patriotic partners for their 9th Annual Independence Day Parade. The event commenced with a flag-raising ceremony at Castle Clinton National Monument, setting a patriotic tone for the day.


Over a thousand participants marched through New York City’s historical landmarks, led by the Excelsior Marching Band and the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes & Drums. 


The U.S.-China Cultural Foundation brought together a vibrant group of Asian-American artists, many of whom participated in such a significant event for the first time. Artists from the Rodin International Foundation and the Chinese Overseas Artists Association carried a banner depicting Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz's renowned sculpture, "Washington Crossing the Delaware," which is permanently displayed at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.


Adding to the festivities, NYC students from the X-factor Drum Core dancing band delivered joyful performances, energizing the crowd. Our CCF’s artists group proudly marched alongside the Manhattan Historical Association, Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York Color Guard, and the American Legion Lt. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291, celebrating the spirit of Independence Day together. 


The U.S.-China Cultural Foundation is honored to have participated in this memorable celebration, highlighting the rich diversity and unity that define our great nation.

 ​World renowned Asian-American artist and sculptor, Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz's two bronze relief sculptures, "Washington Crossing the Delaware" and "Signing of the Declaration of Independence." were part of a permanent collection and display at the outdoor plaza of the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, where they were unveiled by President Biden in 2017.


In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the United States, we believe that Ellen's works play a crucial role in preserving the history and heritage of the United States and are a fitting tribute to the defining events and leaders that shaped the nation. They will undoubtedly inspire future generations to learn about and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the United States.



Title: "Washington Crossing the Delaware ”  
Artist:  Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz          
Material: Bronze Relief Sculpture
Based on Emanuel Leutze's 1851 oil paintings of the same titles.


"Signing of the Declaration of Independence"
Artist:  Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz          
Material: Bronze Relief Sculpture
Based on John Trumbull’s 1819 oil paintings of

the same titles.

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